Happy Friendship Day, My Dog


Dog is your best friend - Remember the times when you are away from your home for work or chores. Back of the mind, you keep wondering “whether he/she ate?”, “did someone take them for a walk?”. And all of these worries turn into a big smile as soon as you get back. They get into their zoomies mode or wag their tails endlessly. It is all because of the unconditional love between a dog and his Hooman that intensifies when not together. If this doesn’t scream that dog is your best friend, perhaps nothing else will. 😊

You can cherish all such memories of having a dog buddy with Paw La Land’s pet-themed products. Our notebooks, scarves or cushion covers that constantly remind you of how much they mean to you.


When there’s any danger around, our dog will always be standing upright for protection. Isn’t that what we all look for in friendship? Dogs can go from as cute as Fawad Khan to as buff as Salman Khan within no time if they sense trouble in the vicinity. Love their alert, sniffing nose and big, wide eyes, don’t we! Even Paw La Land’s door-hangings say the same.


It is not just a dog, but also a nap buddy, a food partner, a friend for strolls, and a calm listener in times of your emotional breakdown. (Well, they may snooze or lick themselves while you narrate your sad story but hey, we are not complaining!) The famous F.R.I.E.N.D.S. song “I’ll be there for you” is a perfect song to dedicate to our dogs.


On lousy days, when you are just about to take that mid-evening nap, this fur friend will jump on you, forcing you to take them for a stroll or play with them. And nothing can stop them from making you get on your toes. Dogs motivate us to do things we don’t intend to do, and it is a beautiful blessing in disguise that we all need. Long walks are indeed better with a dog, as our best-selling wall hanging conveys.


Dogs are the only creatures who will make you feel loved more than anyone else ever can. Whether you come back home after 2 mins or 2 months, their continuous wagging tail, high jumps to lean into you, and licks all over signifies how happy they are to see you. Their happiness lies in us and our happiness lies in them.

So this friendship day, go on a date with your dog. It can be walking in the park, sharing ice cream, and defeating each other in a tug-of-war. But most importantly, click a bunch of photos and pose with your doggo buddy in matching bandanas from Pawlaland’s latest collection and make this day memorable. Happy Friendship Day!