** Friendly Diwali **

The year has flown by and we’ve finally rolled up at the festive doorstep. Indian festivals are all about saying goodbye to our everyday somber mood and spending fun time with our families. Diwali is the time we keenly wait to buy them gifts and show some extra love for them. Be it a Saree for mom, a wallet for dad, or a watch and perfume for siblings, we take care of everyone’s needs. However, as we indulge in the festive fervor, we often forget our pets who demand nothing but to be kept safe and comfortable.

Diwali is a festival when the fireworks displays become inescapable. It’s heartbreaking to see animals uncomfortably shivering due to fear and anxiety. Ever wondered what effect it causes on them?

Reasons Why Firecrackers are a Menace For Pets

  • Dogs’ hearing ability is seven times more than that of human beings and hence, they are more susceptible to the ear splitting sounds of the crackers.
  • The unpredictability of fireworks triggers their fight-or-flight response and so, they may start barking or try to run away and hide.
  • Animals have a way of showing anxiety in different ways like panting, shivering, barking or crawling under the bed.
  • Fireworks are hazardous to the extent that they can cause heart attacks and death in animals with their loud bangs.

Ways To Keep Animals Safe And Calm This Diwali:

  1. Make Indoors Your Friend


Even if your pet loves staying outdoors most of the time, bring them inside during the fireworks. This will prevent them from running away trying to escape the horrendous noises.

  1. Music Treatment 

While your pet is inside, close all the doors and windows and turn the music or white noise on to help drown out the deafening noises of fireworks. You can also use earmuffs to prevent your pet from sensing the noise.

  1. Snuggle Buddy To The Rescue


There’s no better snuggle buddy than mommy. Give love and comfort to your pet while they’re anxious. Engage them in activities and games that involve spending a lot of time. Keep them surprised with their favorite treats and don’t forget to snuggle with them.

The best way to keep your pets busy is by buying them an interactive toy. Check out our wide collections of Pet Toys here.

  1. Reveal Your Pet Name


Make sure your pet is wearing a collar with an updated identification tag. This may help your pet be found easily if they run out to hide as a flight response.

  1. Be a Good Parent


As a responsible pet parent, make sure you don’t offer too many sweet treats to your furballs as it may harm their health. Keep your pets away from Diyas as the hot oil may be hazardous for them.

  1. Be a Responsible Citizen


You can take care of your pets and stray animals without offending your religion if you are a responsible citizen. Stay vigilant to prevent anyone from throwing firecrackers near animals. You can keep your car’s door open for the animals to take shelter. Keep an eye out for lost pets who are wearing collars or tags. Take them to the nearest animal shelter or take care of them until their parent is found.

In conclusion, it’s not very ‘animal lover’ of you if you only keep your pets safe and sound. Take a step for the stray animals who are harassed every Diwali with crackers. Discourage people to burn fireworks not only for the sake of the environment but also for the animals. May this Diwali be safe for you as well as your furry friends.

Happy Diwali and Happy Parenting!