Why your dog needs rope toys and answering some FAQs

“A tired dog is a good dog”. You have probably heard this phrase before. But what does it truly mean?
Dogs, aka, “tamed wolves”, <Read more> have the primary instinct to chase and prey. Dogs are not the kind of animals that would prefer lounging around. Therefore, it is important to keep them occupied and exercised.

But, as busy human parents, we are seldom able to spend quality time with them, let alone keep them fascinated. So what should be done, now?

Well, the easiest way, in our opinion, is to invest in some good quality dog toys. Dog toys come in a huge variety. But in order to keep your dog busy, rope toys are a must. And why do we claim so? Read below to know about the benefits of rope toys. And at the end of the blog, we will answer some frequently asked questions about rope toys.

Why are Rope toys great?

  1. Rope toys are perfect for games

From fetch to tug of war, rope toys can be used for all sorts of games. Rope toys with balls attached are perfect for playing fetch. Dogs take a keen interest in chewing and undoing the knots of these toys. Throwing them around and gnawing at them. Your dog would absolutely love rope toys, we can vouch for that.

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  1. Useful for teeth cleaning

Rope toys encourage the dog to chew. This action stimulates their body to produce more saliva which rinses away food debris and bacteria. On top of that, the threads and strands of rope toys can effortlessly help remove plaque from your dog’s teeth. All this, while your pup is having a great time playing with his/her toys.

Look at this cute carrot shaped rope toy- https://www.pawlaland.com/shop/dog-toys/carrot-shaped-rope-toy-3/

Why dental care is essential for the tamed wolf- https://www.stfrancisvh.com/blog/7-reasons-why-dental-care-for-dogs-is-important/

  1. Ease out the teething phase

If your pup is smol, we know how you struggle with losing at least one household item every day. From footwear to cables, puppies leave nothing un-chewed. It is going to be okay, though. Thank you, to whoever invented rope toys. Chewing on rope toys actually feels extremely satisfying to the puppies that are experiencing teething.

P.S. Many times, those hard plastic bones can actually make the dog’s gums bleed if he/she chews too hard on them. So it is important to find a toy that is hard and firm enough but also not as harsh as plastic bones. And the perfect fit is a rope toy!

Want to know more about the teething phase? Read this- https://vcahospitals.com/know-your-pet/teeth-teething-and-chewing-in-puppies

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  1. Plastic free

More than anything, the dog toys you hand over to your dog should be safe for him/her. But you know how most of dog toys are made up of plastic. And we definitely do not want the dog to accidentally swallow any plastic in any amount. So it is important that you choose a rope toy that is made up of harmless material, i.e. natural fibers.

Read about how plastic toys are harmful to your baby- https://www.dogingtonpost.com/are-your-dogs-toys-poisoning-him/

Cotton rope toys do not and can not harm your dog’s stomach or intestinal tracts even if he/she somehow happens to swallow the threads of it. All of our rope toys collection at Paw la land are made up of cotton.

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FAQ- Rope toys edition

  1. My dog has sensitive gums, are rope toys safe for him/her?

Yes. There is nothing to worry about when it comes to rope toys. Especially the ones made with cotton. Even if your dog chews at the toys aggressively and has sensitive gums, these toys are extremely unlikely to cause him/her any harm.

  1. What happens if my dog ingests a piece of the toy?

It is recommended that you supervise your dog while he/she plays with toys. But if he/she happens to ingest any piece of the toy, you should call your vet immediately.

  1. How do I take care of the toys?

We suggest that you wash these rope toys every now and then because there can be dirt and bacteria accumulated on them. But if your dog has heavily chewed the toys, toss them away and get him/her some new ones.

  1. Where can I buy good quality rope toys?

We, at paw la land <https://pawlaland.com/> , offer a great variety of good quality, cotton made rope toys that are available in multiple colors. Feel free to check them out


We hope you have found your answers by now and made up your mind about rope toys. Dogs of all age groups love rope toys and they are evergreen. You would not regret buying them because your dog would definitely love playing with them.

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Happy parenting!