The life stages of a dog

“Dogs' lives are too short. Their only fault, really.” - Agnes Sligh Turnbull

This quote hits home, every single time. Truly, no amount of time spent with dogs is long enough. And we mean the whole world to our dogs, quite literally. So we believe that it is our responsibility to make every moment of their life precious. And the first step towards better parenting is understanding how a pup grows and the life stages of a dog. Once you understand how a dog grows and how to take care of him\her at every stage, you will be eligible for the best parent awards.

The life stages of a dog can be divided into four major parts. We will talk about all of it in this blog. We will also tell you how to look after him\her the best possible way.

The life stages of a dog

  1. The goofy puppy stage

This stage begins right from birth and continues till six to eighteen months. It really depends on the breed of the dog. Some dog breeds grow out of the puppy stage faster than other breeds. For instance, pugs may reach their adult size at around nine months of age. Whereas larger breeds such as German shepherds become adults around 18 months of age.

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The puppy stage is the one in which you need to be extra careful about everything. It is recommended that you feed, hydrate and walk your puppy at regular intervals. And get the vaccinations done on time. Along with that, make sure you are taking care of his/her teething phase which begins around three weeks. Dog toys are really helpful in order to ease out your puppy's teething phase. Buy Double Tennis Ball Rope Toy | PawLaLand

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P.S. This is the best stage to start training your puppy.

  1. The adolescent Age

The adolescent age begins around six to eighteen months and varies from breed to breed. Just like humans, this is the life stage of a dog when his/her hormones kick in. Your dog is likely to be a little moody. Most of the male dogs learn to lift their leg while urinating and begin marking territories by peeing at places. Although, some dogs choose to pee the regular way, and it’s completely normal.

On the other hand, females will go into their first heat. But make sure that she does not mate during this time since her organs are not yet fully developed. This age may last till about twenty-four to thirty-six months, depending upon the breed of your dog.

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In order to look after your dog through adolescence, you must pay great attention to their physical activity. During this phase, dogs have a lot of energy and it should be spent on games and play. Excessive energy can result in your dog behaving in an undesirable manner. Play games such as tug of war and fetch with him to keep him well exercised.

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  1. The Adulthood stage

The third stage in the life stages of a dog is Adulthood. Smaller breeds enter adulthood at around two years of age. Whereas larger breeds begin the adulthood stage by three years of age. During this life stage of a dog, your dog will become a lot easier to manage and calm. This happens because his/her hormones take a back seat and are not as volatile. It is a great time to take your dog out on long walks and mentally stimulate him/her with the help of tricks, treats and toys. Buy Slipper Rope Toy Orange Blue | PawLaLand

  1. The Senior stage

Dogs reach their senior stage between six to ten years of age. Larger breeds enter the senior stage faster than smaller breeds. The average lifespan of a small dog is around ten to fifteen years. Whereas it is eight to ten years for a large dog.

As a dog enters the senior stage, his/her needs change. He/she required less food and less activity. Just like humans, they might also experience weakening of senses such as sight and hearing. It is best to feed them light and easily digestible food. Try to give them as much attention as possible. And keep your vet visits frequent.

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Your fur-baby brings you tons of happiness and loads of joy. Be it a puppy or a senior dog, they always love their hoomans with all their heart. They teach us innumerable lessons and the correct way to love. And the least we can do is to learn about their changing needs and look after them the right way.

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Happy parenting!