Look, we can all agree to disagree. But when it comes to dog bandanas, there’s only and only one answer. That is, dog bandanas are the coolest accessories ever made for dogs. Period. And we don’t even make the rules, you guys. Every single time we see a doggo wearing a dog bandana, our eyes get filled with glitter because “WHAT A HEART-THROB!”

But seriously, dog bandanas, other than looking super cool, have a lot of utility. And we’ll be talking about it very soon. Not only that we’ll also give you our expert tips on how to choose the best and the most perfect dog bandana for your little baby.

Reasons why you should buy a dog bandana for your dog.

1. Looks supremely chic

We all know this. But honestly, we cannot get enough of how flattering bandanas make a dog look. Dog bandanas change the whole look in one instant. You can use different bandanas for various occasions and dress up your dog to make him/her steal the show every time. Alexa, play “me husn pari me jaane jahaan”.

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2. Gives that extra warmth

We all know the days when no amount of clothing is cosy enough. And no heater is warm enough. On such days, just let the bandana be your dog’s best friend. Other than making your dog look like the star he/she is, bandanas are also useful for chilly, harsh winters. Just wrap a dog bandana around your dog’s neck. It will block the direct flow of air and provide that extra warmth to your canine.

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3. Keeps the drooling in check

Tired of your dog drooling constantly and ruining his coat? Bandanas is the answer. A good material bandana would soak all the drools and keep your dog’s coat nice and clean. You can regularly change and wash the bandana. It requires the minimal effort while keeping your dog squeaky clean. Win-win!


4. Makes your dog look friendly and calm

You know that big “dawg” that looks like he/she just bit a dozen people on the street? Whereas, in reality he/she is completely the opposite of what people usually presume. Happens with all of those good boys and girls. People usually get scared of such cuties and cross the street to avoid them. It makes us really sad because these dogs just want to be pet lovingly.

An easy solution to this problem could be a dog bandana. An adorable and colourful dog bandana with prints all over, would completely change the dog’s look in an instant. Wouldn’t you agree?


We’re pretty sure, we have already convinced you why you should grab a dog bandana for your best friend. So now we’ll give you some pointers that will help you choose the most perfect bandana for your pup.

What to consider before buying a dog bandana

  1. Size of the bandana

Okay listen, we know your dad used to oftentimes forget your class in school. And your mom bought you oversized clothes as a kid. But you don’t have to be a typical Indian parent. Please, for the love of a dog (pun intended!), order the right size for your dog. Or he’ll end up destroying the bandana if it’s too big.

Bandanas usually come in three sizes-small, medium, and large. And dogs also are categorised into these three categories based on their size. You can easily Google your dog’s breed and find out what size of bandana would be the best for him.

Use this link to find out what category your dog falls in.

  1. Material of the bandana

Just like human clothes, bandanas come in different materials. Some of them give a polished look, some of them look not-so-good. While some bandanas feel soft to wear, some bandanas could cause your dog discomfort. So, it’s important that you go for the right material. We suggest you go for natural fibres such as cotton and silk.

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  1. The aesthetic

We know all dogs are different. They all have distinct personalities. Some are aggressive, some are literal cupcakes. And usually, the big, scariest looking dogs are the sweetest and the tiny marshmallow-like dogs are the real gangsters. Guess we’ll never understand why!

Or maybe we will!


But what we do understand, is that you should, absolutely, let your dog express himself the right way. So, it’s important that you choose the bandana that suits the aesthetic of your dog. It includes the colours as well as the patterns used in the bandana.

For the notorious and mischievous kids, get bold prints and bright colours.

For gentlemen, romantic patterns are the best!

And, for the sophisticated ladies, go for subtle patterns and pastel colours.

There are no fixed rules. But make it resonate with your dog’s vibe, no?

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Bonus Tip!

Did you know you can use the dog bandana for a cooling effect? All you need is a bandana that is made up of some natural fibre. And you can just immerse it in icy water. Squeeze out the excess water so it’s not dripping. Wrap that damp bandana around your dog’s neck and let him/her enjoy the breeze (loo turned breeze).

Overall, deciding if you should get a bandana for your dog is a no brainer. A bandana is a primary accessory for your dog. They have been and will always be the best dog accessories. Ever.

We hope this blog was helpful and now you have an idea as to what you should do! Happy shopping!