A Guide to Find a Unique and Cool Names for your Dog

First things first, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

We’re so happy for you and the furry baby you have adopted or will be adopting. Knowing you’re about to start a new journey with a pup fills our hearts with joy. And we wish for a great bond between you and your new dog (for whom we’ll be suggesting some unique and cool names for dogs). Lots of delightful experiences are awaiting you and your family. And the time spent with your dog is going to be the best part of your day, we can vouch for that. The least we can do to contribute to your happiness is to suggest you unique and cool names for dogs.

Now before we bombard you with unique and cool names for dogs, we just want to let you know that we have got a plethora of stuff you might need for your dog and yourself.

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Bandanas Cute scarfs for the cutest dog mums Diaries Bookmarks

Unique and cool names for dogs (male)

  1. Thor (All the Marvel fans, isn’t this your dream name?)
  1. Marshall
  1. Caesar (Et tu, Brutus?)
  1. Whiskey (If you love whiskey, you’d love this name too. Xoxo)
  1. Biscuit
  1. Pablo (Escobar not Picasso :p)
  1. Nawab (Because you’ll be treating him like one, we know!)
  1. Drogon (For the GoT lovers!)
  1. Dollar
  1. Hulk (For all the baddies that terrify people :p)
  1. Max
  1. Leo (How cool is it to name him leo if his zodiac is leo. Okay, sorry)
  1. Oreo (After all, we love Oreos)
  1. Coco ( If you like this fantasy fiction then WHY NOT!)
  1. Floyd
  1. Teddy (Honestly, this is for all the smol lil fluffy pups)
  1. Zeus
  1. Polo
  1. Diesel (Since petrol’s prices are through the roof!)
  1. Charlie
  1. Oscar (That dog is no less than an Oscar in your life. You better treat him like one 😜)
  1. Hunter
  1. Scooby (The surname has to be “Doo”)
  1. Simba (Tiger/sheru but classy. Lol!)
  1. Shiro (All the shinchan lovers, it’s your time to shine! B-) )
  1. Ranger
  1. Batman (If we had an all black chihuahua, we’d DEFINITELY name him Batman. 😭)
  1. Marble
  1. Romeo
  1. Brutus (If you have two dogs, you name one Caeser and the other one Brutus. Sorry, we don’t make the rules.)
  1. Shadow
  1. Alex
  1. Goofy
  1. Shishimaru (Ding ding!)
  1. Micky (Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggety dog!)
  1. Bheem (May he find his Chutki/Indumati or whoever he loves 😭)
  1. Buzo
  1. Zubi
  1. Muffin
  1. Dwight (We love ‘the office' and we sincerely hope that you do too)
  1. Henry
  1. Mowgli (I mean, really, why not? Please let him be the main character.)
  1. Pluto
  1. Rolly
  1. Snoopy
  1. Olive
  1. Oggy ( If you have two dogs, can you PLEASE name the other one Jack? Pretty, please?)
  1. Jerry (Also have a cat? Name him/her Tom. Please.)
  1. Naughty (You’ll know why we suggested this in a couple of days when all your footwear would be useless. * Evil laughter *)

Hi, again! We are very sorry to interrupt your scrolling but we have an idea for choosing a unique and cool name for your dog. If you believe in zodiacs and horoscopes, you can use these few websites to know about your dogs zodiac sign. That way, you can easily choose names accordingly.

Know your dog’s zodiac sign here

The first letter of your dog’s name according to numerology and astrology

Unique and cool names for dogs (Female)

  1. Bella
  1. Disney (Because she’s gonna give you princess vibes)
  1. Cookie
  1. Angel (Quite literally)
  1. Sparky (With all the spark she’ll bring into your life, it’s one good name.)
  1. Luna
  1. Daisy
  1. Brownie (Best for the brown sweet pups!)
  1. Snow-white (Princess vibesssss)
  1. Mini (For tiny dogs>>>>>)
  1. Molly
  1. Zara
  1. Juliet
  1. Danny (Nickname for Daenerys, GoT fans, we rule the world.)
  1. Candy
  1. Stella
  1. Romania
  1. Olivia
  1. Jerry
  1. Stormy (You know those little dogs that are way too fierce and restless than they look. Yes. It’s for them.)
  1. Amy
  1. Emma (Not Watson 😜)
  1. Lady
  1. Nova
  1. Daisy
  1. Alexa (Alexa, shoo.*Barks in Robot voice*)
  1. Betty
  1. Venus
  1. Hazel (for the TFIOS lovers)
  1. Glory (Glory brought home 😎)
  1. Gigi (Not Hadid. Ok sorry)
  1. Gracy
  1. Sandy
  1. Winnie (the pooh)
  1. Billie (You already know what’s in the bracket. NOT EILLISH!!!)
  1. Merry
  1. Jazz
  1. Dora (the explorer)
  1. Jessy
  1. Maggie (We love maggi)
  1. Mishri (Because she’s gonna be adding sweetness to your life)
  1. Ginni
  1. Mili (Mili, “kaise mujhe tum mil gayi”?)
  1. Katie
  1. Lottie (The surname is choco pie)
  1. Sophie
  1. Muffin
  1. Pebble
  1. Kiki (Do you love me?)
  1. Chitti

We guess, by now you’ve come to realise our love for cartoons and puns. And we also hope you’ve found your dog’s name by now. Do let us know on our Instagram if you found this blog helpful. Wishing you a great journey ahead!