Henlo, dear friends! And welcome to this blog that is more or less an appreciation post for our furry friends, on the occasion of Teacher's day.

Wait, wait, let me explain!

So, we all know how we struggle with teaching our pawfriends that they're not supposed to chew the footwear, right? Not to forget, stopping them from destroying pillows and cushions and humping them afterwards. Plus making sure that they also know commands and tricks. Afterall, we have to show Sharma aunty how cool the chap is. All in all, it's a rollercoaster of a journey. But have you ever realised that dogs are the best teachers?

Just look at yourself. How much have you changed! From being the Ewww-that's-so-gross person to cleaning your pup's poop when necessary, ahem ahem! How many dog lessons have you had!

And that, my friend, is because your cuddler has taught you some important, * drumroll * DOG LESSONS. Dogs lessons include the art of love, compassion, companionship, loyalty and All the good things.

And you probably know all that. So this blog is a little different. Here is a list of reasons why dogs are the best teachers. And ways in which dogs make our lives better and shape us into better beings (sometimes without us even noticingggg!)

The mirror

Did you know that dogs actually mimic their favourite person's personality? If you have ever wondered why that all-time-angry uncle's dog is so aggressive, now you know! A research has shown that dogs tend to copy our most dominant traits and act like a mirror to us. A dog that is very shy and introverted is usually so because he is copying his parent. In fact, it is believed by many, that pup siblings that fight among themselves, do so because they watch their parents fight. So we can just pay a tiny bit more attention and learn about ourselves, change things we'd like to change and you know the drill.

Read about the study that shows dogs mimick their parents here

The emotion guide aka the Action-oriented Lad(y)

Sometimes we all wish we could verbally talk to our pets, wouldn't you agree? But since we have to communicate emotions without words, we tend to be more careful with our actions because we care how they might affect our furry friends but this attitude also gets embedded in our personalities making us more mindful of how our actions affect others around us. So, if you’ve noticed yourself getting a bit kinder by the day, you know who to treat!

The comforter

Remember the times when you felt like the world was coming to an end and you had no one by your side, but then your sweet furry kid came and sat in your lap? The feeling is indescribable. Thank your kid for being such a bright ray of hope when you felt hopeless.

Despite being canines, dogs literally accept us homosapiens as their parents. They teach us that even species do not matter as long as there's love. Let alone race, caste, gender and all that dog poop. Reason 101 why dogs are the best teachers! And here’s what you can gift them on this teachers day.

The caregiver

We're sure you've heard about service dogs. And how they help people with anxiety attacks, panic attacks and a spectrum of illnesses. There are trained dogs to help blind people as well. They help people with visual impairments in performing basic everyday tasks.

Moreover, seizure alert dogs can actually sense and warn us about seizures that might occur, sometimes even hours before it happens, providing us room to look out for triggers and be more careful.

Learn more about specially trained dogs

Not only that but we all know how service dogs deserve ALL the love, attention and treats in the world for being literal life savers. We can only imagine how much love and care these dogs contain in their hearts to actually look after a human that is going through tough times.

The smarty pants (popularly known as the life guide)

Dogs are known for being loving as well as protective. One very important life lesson we can learn from dogs is to set out boundaries and set them rigid. Protect yourself and look out for danger while also being open to love and cuddles.

Also, one of the best rewards for loving our furry friends is that the nosy relatives are usually scared of them. And now it’s probably your turn to give them the well deserved reward.

The Sherlock snoot

This is no surprise that trained military dogs can sniff and detect drugs and harmful objects. But did you know that dogs can actually guide doctors? Some studies have shown that dogs can actually smell COVID. Isn’t that crazy? Bye, bye, RT PCR! Dr. Doggo takes the world over!

Read here

Not only that, dogs are legit teaching computers and machines how to detect cancer and tumor cells before things get out of hand. Don't believe us?

Have a look

And that's the power of the snoot that you boop. * Thug life theme music in the background *

Now that you know your canine has Sherlock genes, this is your sign to make him look like one.

You know, the best part is, this isn't even it! We can never be grateful enough for the dog lessons our fur friends teach us. They're simply amazing. And we have proven how dogs are the best teachers as well! Every walk with them is a new adventure and every adventure is a tiny new lesson. Wishing our pawfriends a happy teacher's day for being the cutest guides ever!