Special occasions call for special gifts. And when the gift is for our loved ones, we definitely want something thoughtful with our personal touch and. And since you’re reading this blog, you probably agree with us and are perhaps looking for a gift for dog lovers. Come, we’ll help you choose an incredible gift for dog lovers. 

In our opinion, selecting gifts for a dog lover is not that difficult. Anything that resonates with their dog  is bound to make them happy. 

Now, there is a huge variety of gifts for dog lovers in the market. And we are here to help you choose an amazing one for your two legged human or four legged babies.

1. A wall/door hanging

Here, we are not talking about any ordinary wall hanging. We are talking about a door or wall hanging that tells everybody about your canine-love. The wall hanging could say something funny like “Dog fur is just a part of the décor”. Or maybe something deep like “Love is a four legged word”. We are pretty sure that every dog lover would love such a wall hanging. This is one of the most amazing gift ideas for a pet lover. 

It is the best for those enthusiastic people that spend most of their weekends curating the aesthetic of their home. They love to decorate the house with appealing and colorful décor items. A wall hanging will add pawsomeness to their house and they’ll think of you every time they look at it.

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2. Dog-print scarf for all the dog moms

For a dog momma who loves dressing up, you would be bang-on with cute scarf that showcases her dog love. We are pretty sure the scarf will be a great addition to her trendy outfits. She will thank-you for the amazing gift for pet lover in her. A scarf will be her best friend during windy/ sunny days and help her create chic and elegant look. Trust us, buy her a printed scarf and she’d be thrilled.

We, at Paw la land, have a variety of scarves for dog moms. Check them out!

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3. A dog bandana

If you are looking for gifts for dogs, we recommend you get them a dog bandana. Maybe your dog friend already has one but there's no such thing as "too many bandanas".

Dog bandanas are the coolest accessory for dogs and will instantly brighten up their mood and Instagram. Plus, if your human friend loves to accessorize themselves, they’d definitely want to style up their fur babies too. And hence, you will be their ‘best hooman ever’! 

Bandanas are of great utility besides just adding oomph. Here's why!

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4. Stationery- Notebooks and bookmarks

If your friend prefers notebooks over mobile apps, you know gifting them stationery is a great option. Since they love stationery and dogs, they’d absolutely adore stationery that flaunts their dog-love. Best gift for a dog lover (ready geeky dog lover :)). Period.

They could use quirky diaries for writing their fun experiences that they had with their dog. They could even paste polaroids and make a tiny album out of it. Or they could use it to write down their dog’s vet appointments, diet, grooming dates and what not!

Along with a notebook, for the bibliophile pet parents, we have something for them. When they have to pause their reading sesh everytime their pet calls them for a short playtime, you can get them cute pet-themed bookmarks too. Bookmarks will surely brighten up your friend's reading routine and get you a permanent room in their heart!

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5. Cushion covers

This one’s a classic and can never go wrong! Cushion covers with cute dog prints, who doesn’t love them? One of the best house decor pieces, ever! Colorful cushion covers are of great utility as they can instantly make a dull space look funky and bright. Gift it to a friend who wants to proudly tell all the guests about their dog love. Show them that you acknowledge and truly appreciate their fondness for dogs. Always! This gift for dog lovers is our most popular option.

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6. Dog Toys

Toys are important to a dog’s well-being. They help them fight boredom when their parents have to leave them, and provide comfort when they’re feeling nervous. Toys can even help prevent the dog from developing certain behavioral issues.

Pups would, more often than not, be willing to play with any object they get their paws on. And so, the joy on a dog’s face when they get a new dog toy is immeasurable. And the happiness that a dog parent experiences when their puppy is all enthusiastic - priceless! So much well-being in this gift for dog lovers.

This is a no-brainer. Get your pup friend some toys and earn brownie points! Also, play with your furry friend using those toys, so every time you go to see them, you’d get dollops of joy.

We recommend you buy some rope toys for your canine friend. Read why- 

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7. Doormats

Okay, we know the idea of gifting a doormat may sound a little unorthodox but hear us out. A doormat that has paws printed on it. A doormat that has some fun dog-quote/pun written over it. Or perhaps a bone-shaped doormat. Would your dog-lover friend not be surprised with that doormat? Other than serving utility and aesthetic purposes, these doormats will help your friend proudly exhibit their dog-love. And every time your friend and their dog come home from a walk, they will be reminded of you. Isn’t that gift idea for dog lovers unique and so cool?

We, at Paw la land, offer you funky designs that will brighten up the entire look of the entrance hall.

Again, this one’s a great option for the ones that love dog-oriented house décor items.

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8. Magnets

Magnets are one of the dopiest gifts for dog lovers. If your friend is someone who loves collecting souvenirs,  they will adore a magnet that flaunts their pet love. The magnets are extremely useful for sticking important notes and to-do lists on the fridge or wardrobe door. They can also be attached to other metallic surfaces around the home or office. Assist your friend to decorate their house/office with some amazing fridge magnets. The magnets that we offer at Paw la land are not only fun and unique but also waterproof and durable. These magnets come in several designs and have amusing quotes written over them.

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These were some of our top recommendations for gift ideas for dog lovers and their babies. We are pretty sure that these gifts will please your friend (human or canine). 

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