Pets are the glue of a family, bringing us all together in a myriad of ways. They truly become the center of everything. Be it choice of venue for a picnic, or which room to watch TV in, all decisions are driven around the pet. And strangely enough, everyone agrees to them happily. We spoke to many pet parents regarding how their fur-babies increased the stickiness quotient of the family. Below is what we found when it comes to pets bringing us all together.

1. Teach us lessons of love to bring us together

Pets – Bringing Us All Together, Always

Pets act as the source of powerhouse of love in the house. How we greet and meet other family members, the tone we speak to them in, our body language, the dog observes and imitates it all. And this is a strong feedback for the family. Dogs and cats play a strong real-life and real-time role in bringing us all together.

From hearing your car pulling up or listening to your footsteps of walking up the stairs to the doorbell, they infuse curiosity and excitement in the environment. And this is strongly contagious to others in the household.

Let’s also talk about unpleasant situations and how the dog reacts in those. Take for instance the times been when you shouted at your sibling or partner, and the dog barks at you till you lower down your voice. Think about those times when you are in a physical fight with your sibling, and the dog pulls you apart from the brawl. How many times there have been when you are feeling sad and lonely, and the dog comes to lick you all over. The next thing you do is give your family members a tight hug and tell them about your feelings. These are great examples of how pets aid in bonding of each other.

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2. Induce values and virtues of intimacy in single-child families

Pets – Bringing Us All Together, Always

In families with single child, a pet acts like a sibling and a companion. Research shows that growing up with pet induces higher empathy, self-confidence, feeling of responsibility and reduces stress. The child learns the concepts of sharing attention and love, learning virtues of obedience and looking out for others. This all creates a positive and nourishing home environment, ultimately bringing us all together.

3. Shared family activities to aid closeness

Pets – Bringing Us All Together, Always

Playing games with pets, feeding them, going for walks with them, taking them for grooming provides a healthy distraction from mundane life. And these are activities in which you could include all the members of the family – elders or babies. In the era where we are constantly glued to our phones, even a simple throw and fetch game with dogs creates quality family time. You laugh together, you devise new games together – isn’t that what a family is all about – togetherness!

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4. Benefits trickling to community and promoting togetherness

Pets – Bringing Us All Together, Always

Often pet parents build stronger connections in the community they live. By meeting other people during walks, meeting kids during play time in the garden, or by simply showing friendliness towards others, pets get you all the attention. Shared concern for animal welfare also brings people in the community together. Other people often see pet-parents as go-to people for any questions regarding their own pets, or keenness to adopt a pet or for taking care of stray dogs. Dogs have been widely known for bringing us all together even in a neighborhood and not just immediate family.

We are keen to know how your pet helps your family bond. Share your feelings with us in the comments section below.