Finding perfect captions for our favorite dog photos is no easy feat. While a picture is worth a thousand words, a beautiful caption makes you treasure it even more. Don't we love it when Boyzone sings "Words are all I have to take your heart away". Which one of the following strikes a melodious chord with you as you look for captions for dog photo?

  1. Look at those cute little brown eyes that stare right into your soul.
  2. Hola! I am a puppy. I want attention from my hooman, all day long.
  3. Hello, I love playing peek-a-boo with my hooman.
  4. Every dog is a rockstar in its own way.
  5. Dogs are fluffy, cute and can never make a mistake.
  6. Sometimes, a dog can be in a diva mood. And by sometimes, I mean always.
  7. Life is beautiful when you have a dog.
  8. All the joy in the world is bundled up in a warm puppy.
  9. Dogs are so wonderful, they never break hearts.
  10. Dogs just walk around everywhere, as if it is all a park!
  11. You can’t understand the innocence of love unless you have a dog/
  12. Dogs are such pure souls; all they know is how to love.
  13. A dog can never let you down! No matter how sad you are, it tries to cheer you up.
  14. He’s ready to catch hold of whoever comes to trouble you at all times.
  15. Every dog has a unique morning personality. The way your dog wakes you up kind of just says everything in itself, you know?
  16. It happens quite often that your dog’s habits are not only cute, they are outright hilarious! The way they chase their tail or how they plead for treats. Aren’t they the perfect bundle of joy?
  17. It is so rewarding when you can show off your dog’s pride in learning new skills that you taught.
  18. With every dog, repetition and reward is the trick.
  19. With every morning stroll, dogs not only burn energy and stay fit, but they also keep YOU healthy and happy.
  20. The reunion with your dog after a long trip is an indescribable experience. It is so nostalgic, happy and full of love!
  21. A dog is like summer in so many ways. It brings along with it sunshine, cool winds, and the relaxed, happy vibe.
  22. Dogs are the favourite and most preferred choice amongst people when they choose to adopt a pet. They are playful, loving, caring, and fun.
  23. Dogs are there just to make the life of a hooman seem whole.
  24. Need a partner for that Netflix marathon? Chill with your pet dog, it’s a perfect date.
  25. No matter how much hooman scolds a dog, the dog is always up to his old tricks.
  26. A pet is the kind of love that you never imagined you were capable of.
  27. The dog is the real king/queen of the house. We do what he/she wants.
  28. Dogs are cute, adorable, and sweet. What is there not to like!
  29. I prefer coffee and beagle to coffee and bagel.
  30. His paws will guide you home.
  31. Dogs are just lovable balls of fur.
  32. Happiness is within your reach, it is only a few paws away.
  33. Pets are the brightest colours in a hooman’s life.
  34. The healing power of furry pets is tremendous.
  35. All new friendships start with a paw-shake.
  36. When your dog lifts its paw for a high-five, isn’t it the best thing ever!
  37. Pets always make for great leaders and loving followers.
  38. Pets always lift us from our sorrow-filled state and bring laughter and smiles into our lives.
  39. We all need a ray of hope on dark days. How about a pet for infinite rays of hope?
  40. Life is full of smiles when it is filled with paws.
  41. Snuggling with a furry pet is so therapeutic, it always works.
  42. Sometimes I wonder how people live their life without dogs.

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