The monsoon season brings to many of us respite from the heat. However, taking care of stray dogs sometimes becomes difficult/can get forgotten.

Monsoon is the season of colorful umbrellas, and it is associated with a happy-go-lucky feeling. Lucky ones like most of us have a roof over our head. However, India has millions of stray dogs who just have no choice but to get drenched in the rain, thus often falling sick, catching infectious diseases like tick fever. Also, it becomes difficult for people to go out and feed these dogs in the monsoon season. It must be pondered upon as to how we can be of help to these innocent fluffy creatures and take care of stray dogs around us. Here are a few simple ways to make monsoon easier for stray dogs:

1. Provide temporary roof around your house to take care of stray dogs

Build a temporary shed next to your home, where stray dogs can find a safe haven when it’s raining. Constantly getting wet in the rain can cause the dogs to develop fever or even catch ticks. Providing a space to stray dogs where they can stay dry can help a lot.

2. Build temporary shelters in your society parks for stray dogs

If there is no space around your home, you can try getting together with your neighbours and building a shelter in your society park. This little step will go a long way in helping stray dogs during the monsoon!

Also if you see any resident in your community opposing this, don't forget to refer to The Prevention Of Cruelty to Animals Act to understand your rights.

3. Animal care by spraying in tick spray in case they have ticks

Spraying tick spray on a stray dog is first aid care for dogs that may have ticks. Simply running your hand through the fur of the dog will allow you to find out if they have ticks.

4. Reach out to Dog NGO in case of severe cases like wounds

In case a dog has severe tick bites or other wounds, reach out to your local dog NGO. Wounds can get infectious if not taken care of and they can cause severe problems that may be life-threatening.

5. Keep kibble food and water accessible in the shaded area for stray dogs

When creating a stray dog shelter, ensure that they can stay there comfortably. Provide kibble food, water, and comfortable and cozy space.

A little help can go a long way in keeping these stray dogs away from disease and suffering. For the best of dog accessories and dog care related items, visit Go ahead and start shopping!